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Fandom Fridays!

I’m doing a new thing called Fandom Fridays, where we talk about the big news going on in one fandom that week. Today, the biggest news is obviously the new Mockingjay trailer! 

If you know me, you know that the Hunger Games is a bit too violent for me. I love it, but I wind up closing my eyes for a good third of the movie, while the arrows are being shot and children are killing each other. I think this is a good thing though, because it shows me that I’m not desensitized to that kind of violence. (Also I could just be a scaredy cat.) 

But I love the trailer for Mockingjay! There’s definitely some war stuff happening, but it also looks more political than the previous two books/movies, which will be an added level of intrigue to the story! Also pumped for the casting additions of Julianne Moore as President Coin of district 13 and Natalie Dormer as Cressida! 

What do you all think of the Mockingjay trailer? Are you excited for part 1 of the final book? Do you think it will be different from the book? Sound off below or find me on twitter! 

Famous In Love Triangles!

Lyla, Jason and Tim on Friday Night Lights! 

This was such an amazing love triangle– after Jason Street, Lyla’s football star boyfriend, is paralyzed, she starts to fall for his BFF: sexy, always sweaty (in a good way) and rough-around-the-edges Tim Riggins. 

This was one of those triangles where I loved both boys and had no idea who was right for Lyla! Jason was sweet, considerate, and responsible…but Tim was exciting, dangerous and passionate. In the end, Lyla made the right choice: she went away to college and left both boys behind, which is usually how most high school romances end. She didn’t want to be stuck in Dillon Texas forever, and if she’d stayed with either of them, that could have been her future. 

Celeb Style Pick of the Week!


Reese Witherspoon!

I love Reese Witherspoon. Where has she been lately? It’s nice to see she has a great-looking movie coming out…and also, some great fashion! 

This outfit does what I admire most about style: blend the classic with the modern. The draping on the right side of the dress is elegant and simple, but the cutouts and sequins on the left side give it an added sexy flair! I’m also digging the red lip with this outfit; it really makes Reese’s bright blue eyes shine and stand out where they otherwise might have gotten swallowed by the black outfit. All in all, Reese has star style!

Famous in Love Triangles!

Maybe it’s just because I have Steroline on the brain right now, but this is a love triangle I am HOPING to see. It doesn’t really exist yet, except in the minds of fans…but here’s hoping we’ll start to see it develop soon! 

Caroline and Stefan were always friends. Then, they were best friends. But it always felt safe because Stefan was dating Caroline’s BFF and she always had eyes for one vampire or another. (Hybrids count now, guys.) 

Over time though, their friendship has definitely bloomed to something more. Does Caroline see it? Methinks yes. Does Stefan? Well, considering his brother just died, probably not. We’ll have to wait for Season 6 to see where all this goes! 

(But if you’re over waiting, you can follow me on Twitter @RebeccaAserle, where I’ll be revealing snippets of my sexy Steroline wish fulfillment fan fiction!) 

Famous Fanfic Competition!

In honor of FAMOUS IN LOVE, which comes out October 21st, and is kind of my version of Hollywood fan fiction, I’m having a contest! 

For every 5 Twitter Followers I get (@RebeccaAserle) I will release 1 Tweet of a special fan fiction, written by me, for The Vampire Diaries! 

So tell your friends to start following me on Twitter to see more of this original TVD fan fiction! What ship will it be? What characters will it contain? (Okay fine, this is a Steroline fan fiction! ) 

Every 5 Followers= 1 Tweet of sexy Steroline fic! 



Famous In Love Triangles!

Meredith, McDreamy, and McVet!

This love triangle brings a nostalgia tear to my eye. Back in the old days of Grey’s Anatomy, when Meredith and Derek couldn’t get their act together and just BE together, she started dating the Vet. The Vet is the guy who looks good on paper, and McDreamy was the guy who had broken her heart but she still had feelings for him. Of course, I always rooted for McDreamy, but the Vet was tough competition! 

Rebecca’s Roundup: This Week in Hollywood!


Well, after 9 years, six kids, and a 2 year engagement- Brangelina finally tied the knot in France this week! Brad was spotted wearing his wedding ring, and while I don’t think Angie has been spotted yet post-nuptials, the rumors are that she wore a white dress! The kids were all present at the wedding, and fun fact: they married at the same estate where they lived before Angelina gave birth to their twins! Congrats to these two: they are in it for the long haul. 

2. Another Britney Breakup

Britney Spears is single again! After rumors surfaced of a tape featuring her longtime boyfriend David Lucado making out with another chick, Britney called it quits on the relationship. Good for her- I hope she finds someone who will appreciate her for the awesome star she is. 

3. Shakira is Pregnant!

Shakira is pregnant again! While she and her Columbian boyfriend haven’t made things legal yet with a wedding, they are already starting to expand their family. Their first baby is super cute, and with their genes, they both will grow up to be hip-shaking, singing, tennis stars!

4. A ‘Friendly’ Reunion

In my fave news of the week, Jimmy Kimmel staged a ‘Friends’ reunion with Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow this week. Under the guise of a “fan fiction script” that Jimmy wrote, we saw Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe all together again in an exact replica of Monica’s kitchen– as Jimmy tried to persuade them all that Joey and Chandler were dead. Hilarious! I loved seeing the gang together again. 

Starting College

My apartment in NYC is right by NYU so I’ve had the privilege of watching droves on droves of students move into the dorms over this last week. It has made me think about the time, centuries ago, when that was me. When I packed up my belongings into suitcases and showed up with my Bed, Bath and Beyond hamper at the pearly gates of USC, my parents in tow. Man, it seems like a long time ago. Man, it seems like yesterday.

I often feel like fiction—books, television, movies—present freshman year as being all fun. How PSYCHED are you to leave your parent’s house and finally get to do what you want? Are you psyched? Maybe. But maybe, like me, you’re also scared.

I wasn’t very happy about going to college. Looking back on it, I wasn’t ready. I was a young 18. I was incredibly attached to my mom. Going to college was like being forced with pliers away from her, from the comfort of my home, my bedroom, my routine, my friends. I was devastated. Frat parties? Cute boys? Who could care when my heart was broken.  

My wonderful pal Deb Caletti wrote a novel called The Story of Us about the flip side of leaving the nest. Her protagonist, like me, isn’t ready to fly yet. I love that book. I treasure that book. There are few tales of what it feels like to be us—the little ones who just want to stay put, if only for a bit longer.

Eighteen looks different for all of us. For some, it looks like independence and adventure. For others, it looks like the stage right before. I wasn’t a butterfly yet, I was still a caterpillar. Maybe you, new freshman, are still a caterpillar too.

I just wanted to tell you that that’s okay. You will learn, eventually, how to enjoy your experience at school. And if you don’t? Maybe that’s okay, too. I do not pretend there is only one way to get it right in life. There isn’t. But if you’re struggling right now being away from home, if you’re feeling lonely and scared, please know that you’re not alone. I was where you are. Many others are too. It will get better. Hang in there.



Famous In Love Triangles!

Brooke, Lucas, and Peyton on One Tree Hill! 

Ah, this love triangle brings back so many memories. Peyton, the unavailable mysterious artiste dating Lucas’ brother vs Brooke, the popular cheerleader with a heart of gold underneath the chip on her shoulder. One of the things I love about this love triangle, in retrospect, is that instead of it being one girl and two guys, we’ve got two dynamic, strong, intelligent, beautiful women– both of whom, lets face it, deserved way more than stupid Lucas Scott. They struggled at times, when their love for Lucas came in the way of their friendship, but Lucas even knew that he and whichever girl he chose would never be happy unless the friends were at peace. One Tree Hill was like the Dawson’s Creek of a new generation…before the time of glitzy, paranormal shows like TVD and the Originals. I love those shows, but I’m always nostalgic for a good old (aka, mortal) love triangle. 

The Novel Life: On Being Grateful

As you can see from my Page a Day posts, I’ve been reading a lot lately. One of the things it has reminded me is that reading, while part of my job, should also be fun…but that we life in a world and a time where not everyone a) has a job that they love b) a job at all c) the time or ability to read books. 

A lot of time this week has been spent on the internet watching everyone’s Ice Bucket Challenges, from my assistant’s to celebrities like Kelly Clarkson– and while it is great to laugh at the funny ones, we should also pay serious attention to the sad ones, the ones done by actual patients of ALS. We should also pay attention to what is happening in the world: in Ferguson, in Iraq, in the Middle East– everywhere, for every moment of joy you or I share, someone else is suffering. 

Part of how we combat those evils is to give back, and to inform ourselves. I want to take time not just to read the fun YA books for my pageaday series, but also educational articles on what is happening in the world. Another way we combat these evils is to be truly grateful, every day, for what we have. So even though reading is a part of my job, today I want to be grateful that I CAN read and use that gift to educate myself about others. I hope you will too. 

Rebecca’s Roundup: This Week in Hollywood!

1. Celebs Bring Heat to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Well, the ALS ice bucket challenge to support ALSA has gone viral with over 11 Million dollars raised- and tons of celebs have taken part. Some of my faves: Kelly Clarkson, Ashley Tisdale (with a Zac Efron Cameo!), Idina Menzel, Rob Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart’s. It’s nice to see celebs taking part in a good cause!

2. Taylor Swift’s Big Announcement!

This week Taylor Swift had many big announcements: she’s got a new single (that I can’t get out of my head), a new album (called 1989, out in October) and a new music video! A tidbit from the news: she’s still going to include secret messages in the album art…I wonder which songs are about Harry Styles! 

3. Beyonce and Jay Z are not Running from the Law

Remember that super controversial trip that Beyonce and Jay Z took to Cuba? Well, turns out: it was legal! What a fitting end to their “On The Run” tour…now Beyonce and Jay Z can take this off their to-do list: running from the law. (Although those divorce rumors keep coming and they’re making me nervous!)

Famous in Love Triangles!


Andie, Duckie and Blane in Pretty In Pink!

I love a good 80’s Brat Pack movie, don’t you? This is one of my faves: Duckie, Andie’s best friend, sweet and sensitive…vs Blane, the hot rich guy in school. Andie has a crush on Blane, but she’s a working class girl and gets resistance from her parents when she wants to go out with him. 

This movie is kind of controversial, because at different times, I find myself rooting for different guys, even now! Duckie loves Andie and you want her to wise up and pick him, because even though he’s also working class, he’s good for her. But then, the chemistry between Andie and Blane is undeniable, and you want him to have the strength to defy his family and be with her. 

If you haven’t seen it, I won’t reveal the ending, but trust me- you’ll have a lot to say about it!

Rebecca’s Roundup: This Week in Hollywood!

1. Robin Williams’ Passing

In the saddest news of the week (really, of the year) we learned that Robin Williams took his own life on Monday after struggling with depression and the early onset of Parkinson’s disease. I cannot say how sad this news made me; practically everyone I know was deeply touched by Robin’s work, his life, and the news of his passing. Let’s all be kind to one another, because life is short. He was a great man and will be missed by many, and my thoughts are with his family. 

2. Is Ariana Grande the Next Miley Cyrus? 

Maybe so! Ariana Grande is saying that being a Nickelodeon star was tiring at times, because so many people associate her with a character that she feels no connection to, personally. (Sound familiar? Hannah Montana, anyone?) Ariana is now primed to be at the top of the billboard charts with her new record…but lets hope she still keeps some of that Nickelodeon class and charm with her as she progresses into this new stage of her career!

3. Rob Kardashian Wants to Be Left Alone

Kim Kardashian isn’t having it though. She finally broke her silence this week after staying mum on why Rob ditched her wedding. Apparently he told her in an email! Rob has been struggling with his weight rather publicly recently, and Kim says while she supports him, she’s an advocate of tough love when it comes to breaking the bad habits that got him into this mess in the first place.